McDonald’s Japan Introduces Jewelry-Themed Premium Burgers With Names Such as ‘Gold Ring’ and ‘Ruby Spark’

On three consecutive Saturdays in July, McDonald’s Japan introduced “Gold Ring,” “Black Diamond” and “Ruby Spark” — the much ballyhooed, limited-edition “Quarter Pounder Jewelry” triumvirate of luxury burgers.


Featuring ingredients such as truffle sauce, pineapple and chorizo, the special Quarter Pounders were each available for one day only and quantities were capped at 300,000. The premium burgers carried a premium price of ¥1,000 (nearly $10) and “jewelry sets,” which included a drink and fries, cost an additional $2.


The Quarter Pounder Jewelry products were impressively packaged in boutique-quality boxes and bags, including a decorative ribbon and a slick fact sheet. Some restaurants even provided VIP seating for those who purchased a jewelry-themed burger.


On July 6, Japanese customers got their first look at the Gold Ring Quarter Pounder, which was dressed with a thick golden ring of grilled pineapple, two hearty slabs of bacon, 10-spice barbecue sauce and Monterey Jack cheese on a Kaiser roll.


One week later, the Black Diamond took center stage. This quarter-pound burger featured truffle sauce, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions and Emmental cheese on a brioche bun.


This past Saturday, Ruby Spark made its fast-food debut. Providing the ruby color were five slices of chorizo sausage. The burger was smothered with grilled onions, guacamole, garlic puree, and pepper jack cheese on a floured French roll.

The limited-time “Quarter Pounder Jewelry” promotion ran exclusively in Japan, and McDonald’s did not indicate if it would be coming to the U.S. in the near future.

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