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What’s the Best Way to Recover a Lost $90,000 Diamond Ring? Take Out a Classified Ad, Of Course

File this one under “bizarre.” The Associated Press reported last night that a Florida woman was successfully reunited with her lost $90,000 diamond ring after she and her husband placed a classified ad in the Pensacola News Journal.

The saga began on April 22 when the woman took off her 5.02-carat diamond engagement ring to wash her hands at a local restaurant and mistakenly left it in the restroom. When she realized her pricey mistake 20 minutes later, the ring was gone.

“We were both frantic,” said the husband, who asked not to be identified. “And my wife was just sick about it.”

Fox News reported that the couple then sought the help of the local police, a private investigator, and even questioned local jewelers and pawn shop owners in an attempt to recover the valuable and precious heirloom.

With prospects dwindling, the couple decided to place a classified ad in the April 28 edition of their local newspaper, offering a “large reward” for the lost ring with “no questions asked.”

In an amazing turn of fortune, a reader connected the lost ring mentioned in the ad to a ring her friend had found in the same restaurant. The friend immediately turned the ring over to the local authorities, explaining that she thought it was a piece of costume jewelry.

The woman refused the reward, saying that she did not want to get into trouble.

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