Honoring Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, De Beers Unveils Talisman Crown Featuring 974 Diamonds

Starting today, the De Beers Talisman Crown goes on display in the world famous Harrods department store in London. The crown, which features 974 diamonds, was designed to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, the 60th anniversary of her ascension to the British throne.

According to De Beers, rough diamonds were the exclusive privilege of Kings and Queens, said to protect, and bring good luck and prosperity. So sitting atop the Talisman Crown is a beautiful 73-carat rough diamond.

“We could have used a bigger diamond,” a De Beers employee told the Telegraph at the unveiling in the flagship store on Old Bond Street, “but this one just felt perfect. The uncut diamond wields a unique power and brings luck. Napoleon carried one in his pocket every time he went into battle.”

The 73-carat rough diamond is suspended above a sphere studded with a mix of yellow and brown diamonds of varying size.

The royal blue crown has an unusual design, with a mix of 797 faceted diamonds and 177 rough diamonds. Oddly, there are areas on the crown that seem to be missing gemstones.

The De Beers website explains that “the set diamonds signify achievements of the past whilst the negative spaces of the unset crown signify future aspirations and accomplishments to come.” Apparently, this presents a symbolic opportunity for future generations to insert their own gemstones into the metalwork.

The Talisman Crown can be seen at Harrods until June 15, at which time it will start a tour that will include appearances in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York.

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