Is Your Jewelry Properly Insured?

By: Kelly York

Many customers stop into a jewelry store wondering about insuring their jewelry. Maybe their insurance agent has requested one or they have been thinking about in general. If you have questions too, you should read on to see what jewelry expert and owner Mark David of Ben David Jewelers has to say about Jewelry Appraisals. He has taken a moment to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: Why Do I need a current jewelry appraisal?

A: Jewelry Values are ever changing. The number one reason is to update an Insurance Policy. You may also need a new appraisal for Estate Evaluation, Tax Purposes, Divorce Settlements, Donations and loans.

Q: How often should an appraisal be done?

A: You should have your jewelry appraised every two years to adjust for current market values.

Q: What about the appraisal that came with my jewelry?

A: While you may get an appraisal with your jewelry purchase, it is always a good idea to get a second “independent” opinion. This will protect you from over insuring or under insuring.  Also, an independent appraisal is generally more in depth and includes photos.

Q: What should I do with my appraisal paperwork once I get it?

A: Keep these documents safe in a safe deposit box or a secure place outside of your home in case of fire. You should also send a copy to your insurance company.

Q: How can Ben David help me?

A: THAT’S EASY! Simply drop your jewelry off at Ben David Jewelers and we will appraise it and call you when it is ready. We will even clean and polish your jewelry so you not only leave with peace of mind but you are also looking your very best! Still have more questions? Call Ben David Jewelers today for a consultation and to schedule an appointment!