Buying her diamond engagement ring. A Man's Guide

Falling in love is wonderful and now you’re taking that big step of becoming a family. Ben David Jewelers offers congratulations to you. We are happy to help you with that next step after the marriage proposal – buying the engagement ring she will love almost as much as you.

It can be overwhelming when shopping for an engagement ring. There are so many beautiful choices and different styles. It is difficult to narrow it down, especially with all the rings to browse in Ben David Jeweler’s huge bridal section. Learning about the 4Cs of diamond buying will help you figure out which things are important to you. This will be the first step in narrowing in on that perfect diamond ring.

The Important 4Cs of Diamonds

The 4Cs stand for Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. These are all important parts of placing the value on a diamond. You will find that some of the Cs will be very important to you and others not so much. Once you have that knowledge then you can look at just the diamond rings that have the important qualities you’re looking for in a ring.

CUT Cut is part style, but it mostly shows the talent and expertise of the diamond cutter. The cut will give the diamond its shape and bring out its brilliance, fire and sparkle. Round brilliant diamonds are known for being the most brilliant diamonds, but others might disagree with that statement. There are specialized cuts that offer more facets that tend to have even more sparkle than the Round cut. Ask about Cut when you stop by Ben David Jewelers. The salesperson will show you diamonds that have different cuts so that you can see the difference in how they reflect the light.

CLARITY This is where you discover the fingerprint of the diamond. Every diamond has internal characteristics that make it completely unique, like a fingerprint. There will be little lines inside the gemstone that give it its character. These types of internal or external marks will have value place upon them. Of course, a diamond with none of these characteristics is an extremely rare find. The salesperson at Ben David Jewelers can explain to you how these diamond fingerprints are graded.

COLOR Color is also a very important consideration for a diamond. Diamonds do come in a variety of colors, even blue, red, and brown. But, for the most part, when a diamond is graded for color it is the clear diamond that is involved with this grading. The less color the diamond has, the more valuable it is. The uneducated eye tends to think they are all perfectly clear. Have your Ben David Jewelers salesperson show you how the diamonds actually differ in color.

CARAT Carat is the measurement of weight for a gemstone. How large the gemstone is has to do with a combination of cut and weight. Some cuts will make a diamond with fewer carats look a lot larger than one with more carats. As you can imagine, a larger sized diamond is many times preferred over a diamond with more weight.

Shopping at Ben David Jewelers

At Ben David Jewelers, we believe in helping our customers find exactly the right engagement ring that is going to be cherished forever. We’re happy to sit down with you, have some refreshments and show you many rings. You can take your time to browse to find that perfect diamond engagement ring. Ben David Jewelers also offers convenient financing with approved credit and a guarantee that she is going to love that ring or your money back. Stop by today to pick up that perfect ring.

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