Understanding the Diamond

Diamond Education

Becoming a bit of a diamond nerd will impress your significant other when it comes time to make an investment in a beautiful diamond ring or pendant. You can get up to speed rather quickly in a basic diamond education, so don’t worry. You won’t be trapped for hours learning complex theories.

The value of the diamond is based on four main factors: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. By understanding the ins and outs of those four items, you will be able to pick a diamond that is rare and the most valuable from the bunch. Of course, you want the best there is, however your pocketbook may not. By understanding the four Cs, you can decide which C is the most important to you and therefore keep your finances intact.

  • Diamond Cut
  • Diamond Color
  • Diamond Clarity
  • Diamond Carat Weight


Diamond Cut

The Diamond Cut can refer to the shape of the diamond or how it was cut.

The Diamond Shapes are: Round Brilliant Cut, Princess Cut, Pear shape, Marquise Shape, Cushion Cut, Radiant, and Old Mine cut. The Old Mine Cut was a cut that was used years ago, but is now replaced with the Modern Round Brilliant cut. Round Brilliant Cut is the most popular shape and it will return the most brilliance in a diamond. Princess cuts are popular because it appears to be a larger diamond due to the top of the diamond being spread out on the edges. The Marquise shape gives that larger look also, although it is not quite as popular.

How well the diamond is cut will determine how well the diamond will sparkle. Its brilliance, or how much white light is re-directed back through the top of the diamond, is what gives it that desirable sparkle. "Ideal cut" refers to a round diamond when the proportions of a round brilliant cut are perfect and within a specific range. The term “ideal proportions” is referring to the table percentage, depth percentage, the finish of the diamond, and how well the facets are aligned. Hearts on Fire diamonds are considered "the most perfectly cut diamond in the world." Hearts on Fire cuts only a round Brilliant Cut and a Square Shape diamond named Dream. Ben David Jewelers carries the Hearts on Fire brand.

Ben David Jewelers also has our own Signature Diamond which is a diamond that is close to ideal proportions, allowing the diamond to sparkle and be more beautiful than an ordinary diamond. All of Ben David Signature Diamonds are Round.

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