160 Carat Diamonds Found!

A Diamond That Weighs Over 160-Carats

People are stunned when someone receives more than one carat in diamonds in their engagement ring, but can you image what 320-carats in diamonds looks like? Well you don’t have to imagine it any longer, because recently two diamonds over 160 carats each were found in the Gem Diamonds mine in Lesotho, Africa.

The Found Diamonds

One weighed 162.06 carats and the other at 161.74 carats. The 162.02 was determined to be a Type II diamond while the 161.31 is a Type I diamond (for more information on what them means click here).  They were described as being mostly undamaged but there was no comment as to the cut and polished quality. Both of the diamonds have been sold.

The Investment Relations Manager, Sherryn Tedder, explained that it is up to the buyer to decide the worth of a diamond when they examine its clarity and color.  They are given this opportunity before bidding, then they bid according to what they perceive the value to be.

The larger diamond was sold for $11.1 million and the smaller diamond was sold for $2.4 million. They may be out of our budget but we won’t stop imagining one of them in our jewelry boxes!


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