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850 Glee Flash Mobbers Assist With Marriage Proposal in Seattle

Picture this: It’s April 21, 2012, a beautiful sunny afternoon at Westlake Park in Seattle and about 850 flash mobbers have come together to perform a six-minute musical medley as part of the 3rd Annual Glee Flash Mob, one of the biggest Glee fan events in the country.

Now here’s the fun part: Exactly 3 minutes and 50 seconds into the performance, the dancing stops, the music stops and all the mobbers settle quietly to the ground, except for Tim Hannifin, who remains standing.

Hannifin calls for his girlfriend and fellow “Gleek” Emily Ogura to join him, and proposes on bended knee to the utterly shocked young woman. Ogura can barely contain her emotions. She bursts into tears, hands to her face, as the equally surprised mobbers look on. Finally, Ogura settles herself, accepts the ring and says, “Yes,” to a beaming Hannifin.

With Harrifin and Ogura embracing in a world of their own, the music resumes and the mob continues its performance as poppers and streamers fill the air. When the performance is over, the mobbers rush over to the happy couple to offer their well wishes.

This all came about because Hannifin had won a “flash mob proposal” drawing offered by Egan Orion, a flash mob producer. Maintaining the element of surprise in the social media age was particularly challenging, as co-choreographers Beth Meberg and Jared Jones had to keep the proposal-part a secret from the 800 flash mobbers.

Here’s your chance to get in on the excitement…See the video here.

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