When you want to give her the stars, a diamond is the next best thing.

A Diamond is a Girl’s Best Friend

A diamond is the ultimate gift, for some girls. Of course, not all women are alike. Some like other gems, but most women want the most sparkle. And that is going to come from diamonds.


You love your gal so much that you want to give her the sun and stars. But, alas, God has other plans for those things. So, what is the next best thing? The Diamond!

Hearts on Fire diamond ring for two fingers
Hearts on Fire Two Finger Diamond Ring

Now is the time to start thinking about those winter holiday gifts for her. There are a lot of ways to gift the gifts of diamonds. And you might even be able to put a gift of the stars along with your diamond jewelry gift to her.

There is a way that you can gift the gift of stars or even an entire solar system! There are several adopt a star programs that will allow you to name a star after your favorite girl. It is probably best if you pick one of the nonprofit organizations that will put your payment toward astronomy research. Naming a star or planetary system after her is a very romantic thing to do. You will give her all the sparkle of a real star. This is Christmas gift enough and she will feel this was more than enough, right?

Online Jewelry Appraisal for Diamond Stuf earrings.
Atlantico Diamond Stud Earring Pair by Hearts On Fire

No. No, she won’t. So, you’re going to have to come up with a physical representation of that solar system you are putting her name on. This is going to require a large diamond or several diamonds in a pendant. All of the sparkle of her diamond will remind her of how you gave her an entire star system out in the heavens, every time she wears it.

Finding the Right Sparkle

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