Alex and Ani Locations

Alex And Ani Locations

By: Kelly York

A popular one of the Alex and Ani locations is Ben David Jewelers in Danville. Snow Star Bangles by Alex and Ani There are so many Alex and Ani locations! If you are in the Danville, VA, area then you will go to Ben David Jewelers to find Alex and Ani bangles. Ben David Jewelers carries all their bangles and rings for you to browse and try on.

Alex and Ani Locations

The Ben David Jewelers location is: 459 Mount Cross Road Danville, VA 24540 Local: 434-792-6561 Toll Free: 1-888-433-4104 Send SMS : 434-579-3216 Business Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am to 8pm Sunday – Noon to 6pm

Alex and Ani Symbols in Bangles

Alex and Ani’s designs usually feature spiritual symbols in their bracelets of all types. Here are a few of the symbols you will see on their bangles and rings that help you to embrace your own spiritual path.

Armenian Cross

Alex and Ani uses symbolism in their jewelry. Armenian Cross by Alex and Ani The Armenian Cross is from the 4th century CE and it symbolizes spirituality, immortality and life itself. If you are a Christian, this is a wonderful addition to your crosses collection.

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus is one of many symbols used by Alex and Ani. Eye of Horus by Alex and Ani The Eye of Horus is the symbolic left eye of the Egyptian god Horus. The eye represents reason and intuition and it is sometimes used as a protection icon. It has a strong connection to the moon.

Star of Venus

Alex and Ani pays tribute to the goddess of love. Star of Venus by Alex and Ani Love and beauty are some of the attributes we associate with Venus, the goddess of love. The planet Venus shines in the night until morning like a bright star.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha by Alex and Ani Laughing Buddha by Alex and Ani Joy is one of the representations of the laughing Buddha, as is optimism and enlightenment. He symbolizes divine radiant light, and reminds us to take time to experience joy in our lives.

Ben David Jewelers

If you are in the greater Danville, VA, area, stop by one of the popular Alex and Ani Locations – Ben David Jewelers. You will be able to browse Alex and Ani bangles and try them on to find your favorites.