Alternative Engagement Rings

Alternative Engagement Rings

By: Kelly York

You don't have to use a traditional ring, you can browse alternative engagement rings instead. Engagement Rings by Verragio Alternative engagement rings can take many forms. They don’t even have to be a ring for the finger. These days, couples are free to set up their own personal tradition and they don’t have to follow in the steps of the masses. Here are some different ideas on how to mark the occasion of your engagement. How much should an engagement ring cost? Diamond Engagement Rings by Hearts on Fire

Alternative Engagement Rings

If you like to buck the system a little bit and be your own gal, you might want to do something a little different for your engagement. There are some fun ways to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with alternative engagement rings.

Have a Huge Party

You can take the several thousands of dollars that you would have spent on an engagement ring and throw a massive party to celebrate your engagement. The whole point of an engagement ring is to let people know that you are getting married. An elaborate and beautiful party will make wonderful memories you can recall for a lifetime. Emerald engagement ring is available at Ben David Jewelers Emerald Engagement Ring by Verragio

Use Other Gemstones

If your favorite gemstone isn’t a diamond, it is sapphires, rubies or emeralds then use that as the main stone in your engagement ring! That center stone is usually not included with an engagement ring when you buy it. You can put any gem in there that you like.

Use Matching Earrings

A tradition some use these days, in place of an engagement ring, is matching earrings. The bride and groom will split a pair of large diamond earrings. They each wear one of the earrings. This new tradition can also be done instead of wedding bands. Diamond Earrings from Hearts on Fire Hearts on Fire Diamond Earrings

Ben David Jewelers

The sales staff at Ben David Jewelers will be happy to discuss with you alternative engagement rings that they know about. Feel free to stop by without an appointment and browse the huge bridal section in our Danville, VA, location.