Are Colored Diamonds Natural Or Real?

By: Kelly York

LeVian anniversary rings Gold Diamond Ring Featuring Colored Diamonds Designed by LeVian Are colored diamonds natural? is something a lot of people wonder about when they first hear about blue, red, yellow, brown or green diamonds. Diamonds have a special clarity that other gemstones don’t really have. When you see a deep red diamond for the first time, you might think it is a ruby, but you know it isn’t. So, are they real diamonds when they are colored?

Are Colored Diamonds Natural?

Diamonds come in many different colors. They are not dyed or some sort of fake diamond. Diamonds that are dug up from the earth come in numerous different colors, and shades of those colors. Diamonds are not only clear. For a long time the jewelry industry focused on only the white diamonds, or clear diamonds. They considered any diamond with even a tinge of color to be worthless for jewelry. Today, jewelers are using them to make gorgeous rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. This ring can be purchased in Danville, Eden, South Boston and Martinsville at Ben David Jewelers. Cush 'N Pillow Diamond Ring with Chocolate Diamonds Colored diamonds are labeled Fancy Color Diamonds. The rarer the color of diamond, the more valuable it is. With colored diamonds, the pink, green and blue ones are going to be the most valuable and fetch the highest price. These are natural diamonds, not imitation or dyed gemstones. There are variations of those colors like violet, deep red, baby blue, brown and other variations. Ring Baby Blue Diamond Ring from LeVian

Ben David Jewelers

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