Hearts on Fire does some artisian jewelry, although most of their catalog is mass produced.
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Artisan Jewelry Showcase Unique Style

Artisan jewelry continues growing in popularity and demand in a world where more designers rely on computer assisted manufacturing (CAM) and less hand fabrication. Artisan jewelry creates shape or detail – such as engraving – all from hand work, not machine. It also tends to bring characteristics of a specific style or region throughout the work.

Artisan Jewelry Skills

Artisan jewelry incorporates a variety of time-honored skills, such as forging, stretching, alloying, annealing and even hand carving of wax molds. Most jewelry artisans train in metalsmithing and jewelry bench skills to created pieces of jewelry by hand. Because of this work, each piece typically takes a longer time to create and brings a higher price than machine-produced work. The trade off for this higher price becomes unique expression with little duplication.

This colored diamond earring pair is LeVian item #SUSH6.
Firey Red Diamond Earrings by LeVian

You might wonder about the differences between a custom piece and an artisan-created piece. While a custom design created by a jeweler can also claim a unique, one-of-a-kind description, parts of the piece may not be produced by hand, making it different than an artisan piece. On the other hand, artisans may create several pieces of a similar design with only slight variations due to the hand creation. So, custom work does not mean it’s an artisan piece and an artisan piece doesn’t guarantee exclusivity like a custom design.

Many people look for artisan work particularly when sourcing heritage jewelry. When seeking a piece that speaks to your affection for another part of the world or specific time period, finding an artisan who specializes in traditional designs of the region may appeal to you.

Estate Sale at Ben David Jewelers
Bracelet Appeared at a Ben David Jewelers Private Estate Sale

If artisan jewelry appeals to you, bring the experts at Ben David Jewelers into the discussion. We can often help you define the skills you’re looking for to locate an artisan who can deliver the jewelry of your dreams or you can use our custom design service.