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Beaded Bracelets in Danville at Ben David Jewelers

Blue beaded bangle bracelet.
Alex and Ani Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are very popular lately. Even the big name designers have gotten into the action with their designs. The beads range from gold and silver to ceramic, glass and gemstones. The bangle beaded bracelets are especially popular right now.

Beaded Bracelets

There are a lot of beaded bracelets in jewelry stores right now. The brands Alex and Ani and Pandora Jewelry both have some designs that involve beads. Both of those brands are extremely popular with the ladies as they scramble to collect them all, stacking their collection on their forearms.

Pandora Bracelets

Pandora beaded bracelets.
Valentines Day Beaded Bracelets from Pandora

Pandora bracelets tend to have gold or silver beads that are in cute designs. Sometimes they have enamel on them for some color or are all sparkly with embedded pave crystals. Pandora bracelets are not premade for you. You get to decorate them yourself! You pick which beads you want on your breaded bracelets and then adjust the bead to where you want it to sit. Then the beads lock into place so that they stay put.

Pandora celebrates Valentine's Day with new beads.
Valentine’s Day Beads from Pandora

Pandora Jewelry sells earrings, rings and necklaces in addition to their line of beaded bracelets. They issue new beads frequently and have numerous themes. It is difficult to keep yourself from falling in love with a hundred or so beads. They are all so beautiful.

Alex and Ani Bracelets

Bangle type of beaded bracelets from Alex and Ani.
Alex and Ani Collections of Beaded Bracelets and Bangles

Alex and Ani has a lot of beaded bracelets in their collections. They have glass beads, metallic beads and crystal beads. Some of the glass beads are used as little splashes of texture and color on many of their bangles. Alex and Ani is one of those brands where you purchase many bangles and you stack them all together to ride up and down your arm and wrist.

Alex and Ani frequently issue new collections to keep everyone looking good and fresh. New designs are issued each season and most holidays. So, there is always something new to pick up and add to your stack. They also have other themes they design like football, love and various new age type themes. There are designs to match anyone’s taste and that makes them a very nice gift.

Shop for Beaded Bracelets in Danville

Ben David Jewelers carries the Pandora and Alex and Ani designer brands of beaded bracelets and they have a large selection of them in the store for you to try on. They also carry the Lily and Laura designer brand of beaded bracelets. Between the three designer brands, you will have all the beaded bracelets your jewelry box can hold. Plus, you’ll have to get some as gifts, also!

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