Is a Black Diamond Full of the Treasure of Mystery

This pendant features two loops of black diamonds and white diamonds.
A Black Diamond Pendant by Le Vian

A black diamond is like any other black item. Those who are attracted to romance and mystery hold this particular diamond in high esteem. They aren’t as common as a white diamond, but there are probably some very good reasons for this.

Black Diamond

Seeing a black diamond for the first time, the question that will pop into your head is, just how rare is this gemstone?! They are beautiful, that’s for sure. And really, what diamond isn’t beautiful? But how rare this diamond is comes with a mixed answer.

Le Vian also creates jewelry with what they call Chocolate diamonds.
Chocolate and Black Diamond Earrings in Rose Gold by Le Vian

Natural or Unnatural

There are lots of fancy colored diamonds. Black is just one of the many colors that occur in nature. Black diamonds are extremely rare, however. The ones you see in jewelry are likely not naturally black.

When a diamond is found in nature in a black color, this is caused by inclusions caused by minerals. Those minerals can be sulfides, graphite or other minerals. The black could also have been created by hydrogen related clouds that are inside the gem.

Le Vian creates many beautiful jewelry pieces with colored diamonds.
Black and White Diamond Ring by Le Vian

Natural diamonds that are artificially turned black are what are usually used in earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants. A diamond with a lot of inclusions is subjected to very high temperatures and low pressure. This treatment will turn those inclusions into graphite – leaving the diamond black. This is a permanent treatment. That diamond will always be black. It isn’t like a dye. The flaws in the gem been changed, changing its natural color.

Where to Find a Black Diamond

Ben David Jewelers carries jewelry that features black diamonds. The brand Le Vian is known for using many fancy colored diamonds in their rings, earrings and pendants. They have renamed the black diamond “Blackberry Diamond.” Stop by Ben David Jewelers to browse these beautiful gemstones.