Le Vian rings created using black diamonds.

Black Diamonds Deliver Distinctive Style

Black diamonds, either naturally occurring or artificially enhanced, increased their appearances in fashion jewelry in the past few years. Many predicted this turn when “Sex and the City” fashionista character Carrie Bradshaw received a 5-carat black diamond ring at the end of the series’ second film, because “she’s not like any other.”

Black Diamonds – Different Origins, Different Value

Natural black diamonds occur less frequently in nature than colorless diamonds. However, they are not as rare and do not carry the exclusive prices of other colored diamonds, such as blue and pink. Black stones carry many of the properties of colorless diamonds, except for the presence of inclusions, commonly graphite, which give them their dark color.

Le Vian creates many beautiful jewelry pieces with colored diamonds.
Black and White Diamond Ring by Le Vian

The rare nature of natural black diamonds creates the need for treated stones producing the same ebony hue. Treated black diamonds actually begin as colorless diamonds. Often, these stones hold too many inclusions for a great value as colorless, so they are treated with irradiation or heat, to mimic the opaque black diamond. Many natural black diamonds often receive some amount of irradiation as well to deepen their color. A third option comes from lab grown diamonds specifically produced to carry the black color.

Black diamonds may not hold the shine of colorless diamonds or those of a lighter hue, but the deep, rich color offsets beautifully against light-reflecting materials and stones. Black diamonds’ non-reflective nature also opens you to a variety of cuts on each stone. By dismissing concerns about reflective qualities, you can simply concentrate on shapes that best compliment style.

This pendant features two loops of black diamonds and white diamonds.
A Black Diamond Pendant by Le Vian

Black diamonds, while often diverse in origin, can open new doors to dramatic, provocative jewelry. If you’re considering working these unique stones into your jewelry collection, talk with the experts at Ben David Jewelers to create the unique style you crave.