Are Black Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Are Black Diamonds Real Diamonds?

By: Kelly York

Yes, black diamonds are real diamonds. However, the black might not necessarily be a natural occurring color in the black diamond that you possess. There are diamonds that have a black color naturally and there are black diamonds that are black because they were color treated in a laboratory.

Black Diamond

Diamonds come in a lot of beautiful colors. Black diamonds can be very stunning in jewelry settings and are becoming more and more popular as fine jewelry customers discover them. But are they natural? This pendant features two loops of black diamonds and white diamonds. A Black Diamond Pendant by Le Vian A black diamond that was black right out of the ground is so due to sulfides, graphite or minerals creating inclusions inside the diamond. These little cracks or crevices are filled with these substances and the end result is that the diamond appears to be black. The diamond naturally formed around these substances. Fancy color diamonds that are red, blue, yellow or pink have similar things going on that cause their color, too. Elegant black and white diamond ring for dinner. Black and White Loops Ring by Le Vian Most of the black diamonds you see in rings, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry are not naturally black. Most black diamonds were not jet black right from the diamond mine. These are typically diamonds that are radiated to create a very, very dark green. So dark is this green that is appears to be a beautiful black to the naked eye. These are truly natural diamonds, but have been tampered with to change their color. Another item that is sometimes fraudulently sold as a natural black diamond is boron carbonite. Boron carbonite is used as a starter to make an artificial diamond. Black synthetic moissanite is a material that also looks like a black diamond, but isn’t a diamond at all.

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