Blue Diamond Jewelry is Gorgeous

Blue diamond jewelry is a favorite of women who love the color blue.
Blue Diamond Pendant by Le Vian #VISH-607

A blue diamond is a beautiful way to make a personal statement about who you are. While others will wear blue sapphires to show their favorite color is blue, you can show your uniqueness, as well as your favorite color, by going with a blue fancy color diamond.

Le Vian jewelers frequently use fancy color diamonds in their designs.
Blue Diamond with Chocolate Diamon Ring from Le Vian

Blue Diamond

When it comes to fancy color diamonds, the blue diamond is very rare. The only diamonds that are rarer are the reds and purples. But, it isn’t just any old blue that is rare. They deeper the blue color, the higher value placed on it, because of its rarity. They are truly a special diamond and a must for any woman whose favorite color is blue.

A pretty combination of chocolate diamonds, white diamonds and a blue diamond.
Blue Diamond Engagement Ring and Matching Wedding Band from Le Vian

There is a wide color range of blue. It starts at the light sky blue and goes all the way to a dark sea blue. These blue shades are frequently given names like baby blue, midnight blue or navy blue. The blue itself is a result of boron particles that got into the crystal formation when the diamond was coming into creation. These particles absorb the yellow color light and this makes it reflect out a blue light – giving the diamond a blue color.

Beautiful fancy color diamond wedding ring set.
Dark Blue Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set from Le Vian

The blue diamond is frequently used in the jewelry designs created by the famous Le Vian Jewelry company. If you want to see how beautiful blue diamonds are in jewelry then stop by Ben David Jewelers. Ask the salesperson to show you all the blue diamond earrings, rings and bracelets. You will see how their unique clarity and brilliance really sets them far apart from other blue gemstones like sapphires, aquamarine and lapis. It is a completely different experience and a must for any blue lover to have jewelry made with blue diamonds.

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