Bridesmaids – What Gift Are You Going to Get Them

You can make handemade Christmas gifts like these pearl bracelets.
Pearl Bracelets designed by Honora

Your bridesmaids have worked pretty hard for your wedding. They’ve shown up to be fitted for their dresses and attended rehearsals. It is a sweet and traditional thing to do to give your bridesmaids a gift as a thank you.


Some splendid gifts for bridesmaids are very affordable, such as the Honora pearl bracelets. There are several colors of these bracelets. You can wear them one at a time or you can stack them on the wrist. You can give a pearl bracelet to all of your bridesmaids that are in your wedding colors so they can wear them when they walk down the aisle. Whenever they wear that bracelet in the future they’ll remember your beautiful wedding and how much fun they had.

Stretch Pearl Bracelets make the perfect bridesmaids gift
Stretch Pearl Bracelets at Ben David Jewelers

Another great gift for bridesmaids is a pair earrings. Most every girl loves to have a new pair of earrings! If you get earrings for them that have a colored crystal or gemstone then you can match that to your wedding colors, or match their birthstones.

These earrings make a beautiful gift for your bridesmaids.
London Blue Topaz Earrings Designed by John Hardy

Of course, any gift from you is going to be one they’ll enjoy. You could get them a gift card for their favorite store, but that is a bit impersonal. It is better to put some real thought into your gifts for your bridesmaids. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, just one with some care and love included.

Unique Gifts

If you are quite talented, you can make gifts as a thank you to your bridesmaids. There are lots of photos on Pinterest of really cute, homemade gifts for bridesmaids. There is everything from engraved wine glasses to handmade jewelry, and homemade soaps and lotions baskets. You can get as creative as you have time to create. So, plan way ahead and you can come up with the best gifts ever for your best bridesmaid ever!

Jewelry as Gifts

If you decide to go with traditional jewelry for your bridesmaids, the sales staff at Ben David Jewelers will help you pick out awesome gifts. Ask to see the Honora pearl bracelets and also birthstone earrings. The salesgirl will probably have a lot of other pretty cool suggestion, as well. See you soon in the store!

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