Calls It the ‘Scariest Jewelry Billboard Imaginable’, the popular site that provides a snapshot of the viral web in realtime, called it the “scariest jewelry billboard imaginable.”

What the site is describing is a huge three-dimensional billboard advertising traditional Kolkata jewelry high above a highway in India. The headline confidently states, “Seven Generations of Entrapment Expertise.” The graphic shows what appears to be a giant man holding a beautiful multi-tiered gold necklace, and entrapped by the weave of the necklace is a woman, barely the size of three links.

Already, the theme is hardly politically correct by Western standards, but here’s the catch: The entrapped woman is not part of the graphic. She’s very real, as in living art.

The ad campaign, which launched last month, was created for Dubai-based SCG Jewellers by a Mumbai-based advertising agency called Inter Publicity. The unique approach of using a live model on a billboard has generated a viral reaction in advertising circles, as well as on more general sites, such as While the reviews of the ad have been mixed, the agency did succeed in breaking through the advertising clutter.

SCG specializes in traditional Kolkata gold jewelry and bills itself as one of the oldest jewelry brands in India, with distribution throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East. ran the photo, above, with this caption: “Hi Mom! I got some modeling work!”

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