Hearts on Fire Diamond Bracelets are some of the most beautiful.

Certified Diamonds – Nice Title or True Value?

Hearts on Fire Diamond Bracelets are some of the most beautiful.
Illa Diamond Bracelet from Hearts on Fire

Certified diamonds – jewelers and sales people tend to throw the term around casually. However, as a consumer do you really know all you should about certified diamonds and the value they do and do not hold? Before you invest in any stone, you should know the facts.

Certified Diamonds – A Stone’s Report Card

Certified diamonds receive a grading report from an independently trained gemologist. The most common certifications comes from appraisers recognized by the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.). In addition to clarity, cut, color and carat weight, a stone’s certificate may include other items such as a drawing of a stone dimensions, symmetry and polish notes. Your certification may also include the detail of any enhancements, such as heat or pressure to enhance clarity or color.

Oval diamond cuts are offered by Art Carved.
Valerie by ArtCarved

As a diamond qualifies as a significant financial investment, certification from an independent gemologist goes a long way in verifying that you receive a value for which you’ve paid. A certification can also help you obtain insurance for a piece of jewelry. Most who insure fine jewelry prefer, if not require, certifications for stones included in jewelry above a baseline amount.

When There Isn’t Certification

So what do you do if a diamond doesn’t have a certification? Many fashionable stones today, such as brown diamonds, yellow-toned diamonds and raw diamonds may look fabulous, but lack certification. The simplest advice is that if you love a piece and adore the way a stone looks in it, by all means, buy it and wear it with pride. However, do not expect that your piece will hold value over time or that you’ll be able to secure appropriate replacement insurance.

Red bridal earrings designed by LeVian jewelers.
Firery Red Earrings by LeVian Jewelers

Certified diamonds provide you with financial evidence of your piece’s value. While all jewelry may hold sentimental value, a certificate secures a financial value as well.