Chocolate Diamond Necklaces Designed by Le Vian

Chocolate diamond necklaces are from Le Vian Jewelers.
Chocolate Diamond Necklace #ZUBB44 by Le Vian Jewelers

You probably have your eye on one of Le Vian’s gorgeous chocolate diamond necklaces or pendants, right? Well, here are some more of these incredible pendants for you to dream about owning.

Chocolate Diamond Necklaces

Le Vian is the jewelry company that has trademarked the name “Chocolate Diamond,” so look no further than Le Vian when you want those tasty brown diamonds in a chocolate diamond necklace. Here are some of their latest designs that can be ordered through Ben David Jewelers.

Necklace #SUUB99

This is a colorful chocolate diamond pendant that has blue and violet diamonds also.
Necklace #SUUB99 by Le Vian Jewelers

This chocolate diamond necklace is so curvy and so colorful. It almost looks like a chubby bug. This pendant blends violet, white, and light blue diamonds with the chocolate diamonds for a very powerful effect.

Necklace #SUWH110

This Le Vian necklace features a square chocolate diamond.
Square Chocolate Diamond Necklace #SUWH110

This is a variation on the colorful theme of #SUUB99. It adds the colored diamonds of lime green, white and violet to the large square chocolate diamond in the middle. Light blue diamonds drip like teardrops from the bottom.

Necklace Pendant #YPVR218

Chocolate diamond pendants are made by Le Vian Jewelers.
White and Chocolate Diamond Pendant #YPVR218

If you love curves then this chocolate diamond pendant is for you. It features only white and chocolate diamonds set in wavy curves of rose gold. It is a festive design that is perfect for a person who loves the leafy designs of nature.

Necklace Pendant #WIKA203

Eternal circles feature the white and chocolate diamond in this necklace.
Circular Diamond Necklace by Le Vian

Circles forever are featured in this pendant design. White diamonds are set in rose gold and intertwine with chocolate diamonds set in rose gold. It gives the appearance of never ending circles. It is attached at the top with another rose gold circle loaded with white diamonds.

Ben David Jewelers

Ben David Jewelers carries the Le Vian design brand and stocks their rings, chocolate diamond necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Stop by and ask to try on these gorgeous colorful diamonds to see how they look around your neck.

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