Chocolate Diamond Rings for Engagement or Right Hand

LeVian jewelers feature chocolate diamonds in their chocoate collection.
Gladiator Weave Diamond Ring by LeVian

Chocolate diamond rings have become very popular lately whether they are engagement rings or right hand rings. Chocolate diamonds were once considered to be only useful as an industrial diamond, but since LeVian started using them in their ring designs they are gaining in popularity.

Chocolate Diamond Rings

The place to go for chocolate diamond rings is LeVian Jewelers. This designer brand of diamond rings is the designer that came up with the name “Chocolate Diamond.” Up until then these diamonds were simply known as brown diamonds.

LeVian Jewelers does an amazing job turning these brown and yellow diamonds into amazing chocolate diamond rings. The brown is in varying shades from a light yellow all the way to a deep, rich chocolaty color. LeVian uses these diamonds sometimes as an accent diamond and other times as their featured, center diamond in the setting.

Chocolate Cravings Diamond Rings

Chocolate diamond rings usually have white diamonds in the setting also.
Chocolate Diamond Ring with Heart Shaped Feature

This chocolate diamond ring from LeVian’s Chocolate Cravings collection is an example of just how beautiful their diamond ring designs can be. It appears to be a white diamond buckle in the front, but it also resembles a heart. This centerpiece is surrounded with layers of small, chocolate diamonds. The model number for this LeVian Jewelers ring is #YPYU-28.

Blue and Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring

This chocolate diamond engagement ring has a center blue diamond.
A Center Blue Diamond in This Chocolate Diamond Ring

This beautiful blue ring is actually a blue diamond engagement ring. The center blue diamond is accented by a white diamond halo and the band has a line of white diamonds that are brought to life by chocolate diamonds above it and below it. The model number for this gorgeous engagement ring is YPRW2BD31. It comes with a matching wedding band in either chocolate diamonds or white diamonds.

Yellow Diamond Ring

A Tear Drop Setting for a Yellow Chocolate Diamond Ring
A Yellow Diamond with White Diamond Accents

Chocolate diamond rings come in all shades and this particular one is more of a yellow color as the center stone. The yellow diamond has a tear shaped halo made of rose gold that is filled with white diamonds. The white gold split band contains more white diamonds up and down the band. The model number for this ring is #ROBY224.

Where to See Chocolate Diamond Rings

If you would like to see LeVian’s chocolate diamond rings in person then you need to stop by Ben David Jewelers in Danville, VA. It is this store that carries the LeVian Jewelers designer brand. Ben David Jewelers also makes custom diamond rings to your specifications. So, if you want a chocolate diamond ring in a little bit different design, then their Master Jewelers can make it to your exact specifications.

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