Chocolate Diamonds and Where They Come From

Chocolate diamonds are so beautiful. If you have seen LeVian’s jewelry, you know what I’m talking about. Wow. Just, wow.

Chocolate Diamonds

Of course, all diamonds are rich and sparkly and we do love them. But, the chocolate diamond is something rather special. Maybe it is because we’re not used to seeing them or it just isn’t as prevalent in the local jewelry stores yet. They are the most common diamond. At any rate, bring on the chocolate! We must have more!

chocolate diamonds in earrings
Chocolate Diamonds in Earrings by LeVian Jewelers

The chocolate diamond is also known as the brown diamond. It all depends on which company is doing the marketing as to what the diamond is going to be called. LeVian Jewelers holds the trademark for “Chocolate Diamonds” for use on their line of watches and jewelry. And they do such a beautiful job of bringing out the best of this color.

Where Chocolate Diamonds are Found

Chocolate diamonds, or brown diamonds, are commonly found in the Argyle mine of Australia. This mine has an output of 35 million carats of diamonds each year and 80% of them are brown. The vast majority of the diamonds mined in Australia are brown. Believe it or not, brown diamonds were considered worthless up until the 1980s. Before the diamond was known and marketed as “chocolate,” it was used mainly in industrial applications. They weren’t even listed on the diamond color chart! Can you believe it? Don’t you wish you would have stocked up on them back in the 1970s?

Famous Brown Diamonds

Famous chocolate diamonds
The Golden Jubilee Diamond is One of the More Famous Brown Diamonds

There are several notable brown diamonds since the 1800s. Diamonds such as the Golden Jubilee Diamond, the Earth Star Diamond and the Star of the South are all famous brown diamonds. The Star of the South weighed 128.48 carats after it was cut. The woman who found this diamond was an African slave in Brazil. Finding this diamond earned her freedom from slavery and until the 1980s she was considered the woman who found the largest diamond.

Ben David Jewelers

We carry LeVian’s Chocolate Diamonds in necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. We’ll help find the perfect design for you when you come into our store in Danville, VA.

Chocolate Diamonds Engagemet Ring
LeVian Chocolate Diamonds Engagement Ring
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