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Chocolate Diamonds in Engagement Rings

Chocolate diamonds in engagement ring.
Chocolate Diamonds Used as Accents, Designed by LeVian Jewelers

Chocolate diamonds can look so beautiful when they are placed in an engagement ring. Sometimes they are the center diamond and sometimes they are accents around the center diamond. If you’re looking for something very unusual and unique, chocolate diamonds might be the perfect ring for you.

Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate diamond rings are sold by Ben David Jewelers in Danville, VA.
Chocolate Diamond Ring by LeVian Jewelers

LeVian’s chocolate diamonds have been spotted on famous women on the red carpets of many celebrity events. Some of the celebrities who have been photographed wearing LeVian’s diamonds are Melissa McCarthy, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. So, wearing LeVian’s diamonds are going to put you in that amazing category of fashionable women.

Chocolate diamonds were once considered worthless and used only as an industrial diamond. This means that they were used on cutting tools and had various other functional applications. They were not put in jewelry settings at all, because it was assumed that people would not like the brown color. As we can tell today, they are quickly becoming a popular diamond! They are used as the center stones and also as accent diamonds in white diamond settings.

An Engagement Ring from LeVian Jewelers

Chocolate Diamond
LeVian Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring

When you want something very different than what is used as a typical engagement ring, chocolate diamonds will surely fit the bill. LeVian Jewelers designs beautiful settings that are centered around chocolate diamonds and also their other colored diamonds. It is common to find red, pink, green and even blue diamonds in the jewelry designs that LeVian Jewelers creates.

These chocolate diamond rings really stand out. When the average person is struck by their beauty they won’t realize that what they are admiring is actually a diamond. Chocolate is a color the typical person does not expect to see in a diamond! If you decide to go with a chocolate diamond engagement ring, your ring will certainly be the topic of discussion at any event you attend.

Unusual and Spectacular Engagement Rings

LeVian’s rings come in many different styles and they use chocolate diamonds in various ways in their settings. You will find them combined with red, white or even green diamonds as accents and as the featured gemstone in the ring. If you are the sort of girl that wants something nobody else has, then LeVian’s chocolate diamonds are probably the brilliant look that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Ben David Jewelers offers many engagement rings with LeVian’s chocolate diamonds. Stop into the store in Danville, VA, to browse the expanded bridal section and try on some of the engagement rings and wedding bands designed by LeVian Jewelers.

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