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Chocolate Diamonds – A Matter of Fabulous Taste

Chocolate diamonds are offset by white diamond in this Le Vian creation.
Chocolate and White Diamond Ring by Le Vian

What are Chocolate Diamonds? Just like an opulent confection, these stones are an addictive indulgence. But as with everything sounding too good to be true, you often find naysayers. Let’s set the record straight.

What are Chocolate Diamonds?

All Chocolate Diamonds are brown, but not all brown diamonds are Chocolate. A Chocolate Diamond is actually a brown diamond meeting a certain set of standards of the Le Vian Corporation. Le Vian markets these diamonds under the registered trademark of “Chocolate Diamond.” Stones carrying this name meet Le Vian’s standards for color, clarity and cut, as well as responsible sourcing.

This Le Vian necklace features a square chocolate diamonds.
Square Chocolate Diamond Necklace #SUWH110

Supply and Demand

Some blanket all brown diamonds with misleading statements regarding accessibility and price. It’s true that brown diamonds exist in greater supply, and are therefore less expensive than many other colored diamonds, such as blue or pink. However, this doesn’t mean high-grade brown diamonds are plentiful. Like all stones, you have a range in quality and price, which is why the quality expectations of Chocolate Diamonds provide a further level of exclusivity.

Le Vian chocolate rings are very popular.
Levian Chocolate Diamonds in Platinum

Still doubting brown diamonds’ value? We only need to mention the Lesotho III, a 40-carat, marquise-shaped brown diamond given to Jackie Kennedy from Aristotle Onassis upon their engagement. The ring caused a frenzy at its 1996 auction, landing at a $2.59 million sale price.

Fashion Forward

Another reason brown diamonds may appear more plentiful falls to fashion. Quite simply, darker brown hues in jewelry were not seen as fashionable until recently. Now, frequently worn by fans such as Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Lopez, these stones jump in popularity with each celebrity photo. This, combined with a surge in colored stone engagement jewelry, prompted many designers to include these diamonds in some of their most interesting designs.

Le Vian Chocolate Earrings are a fun way to dress up.
Le Vian Chocolate Earrings ZUBB-15

Think you might be developing a taste for Chocolate Diamonds? Come into Ben David Jewelers and let us satisfy those cravings. We will introduce you to the beautiful, rich world of these chocolatey delights.

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