Cleaning Diamonds is Easier than You Thought

Cleaning Diamonds Is Easier Than You Thought

By: Kelly York

Cleaning diamonds in your jewelry isn’t all that difficult. Normally, you should take your jewelry to your jeweler to have them professionally clean it and to check all the points that hold the gems. But, it doesn’t take much to mess up your diamond and its sparkle stops. So, follow these tips to clean at home whenever you want and you will keep them sparkling.

Cleaning Diamonds at Home

Diamonds love to collect oily greasy stuff. When your gemstone is coated in it, it won’t sparkle. So, you should handle your diamonds very little. Be careful not to directly touch the gemstones. Pick up the ring, bracelet or earring by the edges. You don’t need dirty fingers messing up your diamond. And actually, your clean finger can smudge it up enough to stop its sparkle. Verragio has everything you need for your engagement. Verragio Diamond Wedding Rings Cleaning at home is easy. Fill a very small bowl with warm water and put two drops of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid in it. Drop in your diamond jewelry and let it soak for a half an hour. Use a soft toothbrush to gently clean the diamond. Don’t forget to clean the backside of the diamond, also. The back of the diamond is usually where most of the greasy dirt collects. A diamond with a dirty backside won’t sparkle very well. You do need to be very careful with the toothbrush. Scrubbing too hard can break an old prong and set the diamond free. Or worse, weaken it enough that your diamond falls out the next time you wear it. So, be sure to be extra gentle with your scrubbing when cleaning gemstones. Hearts of Fire creates many bracelets that feature lots of diamonds. Beloved Bracelet by Hearts on Fire Place your jewelry in a small kitchen strainer and rinse it in cool water under the faucet. Empty the strainer on a clean towel and pat the jewelry dry. Use this cleaning diamonds method about twice a week and you’ll always have beautiful, sparkly diamonds.