Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring Available

By: Kelly York

You can turn any Verragio setting into a cubic zirconia engagement ring. Verragio Engagement Rings There is an easy way to turn any ring into a cubic zirconia engagement ring. Here are some tips on how to make your engagement ring a spectacular one!

Cubin Zirconia Engagement Ring

Many people don’t realize many of the engagement rings they see in the jewelry store are sold without their main diamond. The reason is that couples usually want to pick out that big, center diamond themselves. They’ll learn about the different ways to judge a diamond’s value. They’ll also get to look inside the gemstone and see the flaws, color and clarity. A True Romance ring can become a cubic zirconia ring. True Romance Engagement Ring Because these fine engagement rings are sold without the diamond, you can pick out a much large cubic zirconia stone instead! It takes an expert eye to be able to tell the difference between cubic zirconia and a real, natural diamond. By purchasing a beautiful ring and turning it into a cubic zirconia engagement ring then you will have a bigger “diamond” for far less money. It is also not going to break your bank if it should be stolen or lost, although it would still be heart wrenching from the sentimental value lost.

Jewelry Brands of Engagement Rings to Shop

Some beautiful engagement ring settings to browse that you can turn into cubic zirconia engagement rings would be Verragio and Ben David Jewelers’ store brand of True Romance. Both of these brands sell their rings without the middle stone. They will have real diamonds as the smaller gemstones, but you can replace the main stone with cubic zirconia.

Other Places to Find Engagement Rings

Another idea is to keep an eye on the Estate Jewelry case inside of Ben David Jewelers. You can sometimes find antique jewelry that would make a beautiful engagement ring. You can sell the diamond back to the store and replace it with a larger cubic zirconia stone. Antique jewelry is sometimes so intricately designed. Jewelers used to come up with very finely detailed ring bands and settings, particular in the Art Nuevo period. Ideas on how to get free engagement rings like this Verragio ring. Engagement Ring and Wedding Band by Verragio Jewelry auctions are another great place to visit when looking for a special, older ring. A word of warning about auctions, though, be careful. You need to be careful that the auctioneer knows enough about jewelry to be able to tell if a diamond is real and if the metal from which it’s made is what he or she thinks it is. Also, it is so easy to fall in love with a ring and end up bidding far more than it is worth. Auctions can be handy for incredible deals, but they can also lead you down an expensive path, if you don’t have the self-control and expertise required.

Making Your Own Engagement Ring

If you aren’t very artistic, you can pass on having a custom ring made. You can purchase a beautifully designed ring that does not have the center gemstone. You can turn that setting into a cubic zirconia engagement ring. You will save a lot of money by creating your own engagement ring this way!