Fetching a 6 Carat Diamond the Hard Way HA!

A diamond is pretty enough to steal.
Diamond Gemstones

It isn’t clear how the 6 carat diamond landed in Jiang Xulian’s large intestine, but we are left to assume she intentionally swallowed it in order to smuggle it out of Bangkok last September.


All that glitters isn’t gold. It was a 6 carat, $278,000 diamond Jiang Xulian and her partner in crime asked to view at a jewelry fair booth. It is then she and her partner switched the diamond with a fake. Surveillance cameras caught the theft on video and the diamond seller identified the two. Jiang Xulian denied it, of course, but an X-ray revealed the truth – a large diamond stuck in her colon.

Once the physicians didn’t have luck receiving delivery of the diamond through nature and laxatives, they convinced her that the stuck diamond was risking serious damage to her intestine. She then allowed the colonoscopy and the doctor to fetch it with medical plyers.

The diamond seller had the unenviable task of identifying the diamond. Hey, you never know. She could have been on a colon packing spree. He said it was his and it was returned to him, presumably.


If Jiang Xulian is convicted of this crime in Thailand, and it is hard to imagine she would be able to prove herself innocent, she would receive up to 3 years in prison. Thailand prisons aren’t famous for being an easy time of it like the country club prisons of the USA for rich, white collar criminals. She’ll be doing some hard time if convicted.

Smuggling this way isn’t reserved just for a huge diamond heist. Drug dealers and others have used this method. Some are caught and some are successful in the attempt. Likely Jiang Xulian was planning to sell the diamond and not use it for her own jewelry. Be sure you shop at reputable jewelers.

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