Diamond Color is the New Rage in Jewelry

Pink diamonds are sometimes called red diamonds because they are so dark pink.
A Dark Pink Diamond That Appears Red by LeVian Jewelers

Diamond color is something most people didn’t consider years ago, because all the diamonds were white (clear). The only thing diamond color meant in jewelry is how little of it was in their diamond. But today, jewelry customers have oodles of choices when it comes to picking out diamonds! They are available in all the colors of the rainbow and more.

Diamond Color

There are many choices in diamond color nowadays, mainly because Le Vian Jewelers made colored diamonds so popular. Le Vian made brown diamonds popular by designing rings, pendant, bracelets and earrings with them and naming them chocolate diamonds. Everyone loves chocolate and everyone loves diamonds! It was a natural. Now, brown diamonds are no longer reserved for industrial use. Jewelry lovers can enjoy their beauty, also.

Diamond color is now a fashion style factor.
Le Vian Ring Featuring Diamond Color

Chocolate diamonds are not the only diamond color, though. Le Vian designs with other surprising diamond colors, also. You can have rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings featuring diamond colors like red, pink, yellow, brown, blue, green and black. Most of Le Vian’s jewelry designs feature a combination of colors in a beautiful pallet, bringing out the best of all of the gemstones.

White Diamonds

Ben David Jewelers carries the LeVian diamond ring brand.
Engagement Ring by LeVian Jewelers

Of course, white diamonds are the standard and the most popular diamond with the average jewelry customer. White diamonds are still judged by the 4 Cs of diamonds.  The least amount of color is considered the best white diamond. If it is tinged with yellow at all, it is less valuable than the perfectly colorless diamond.

Where to Buy Colored Diamonds

Chocolate Diamond
LeVian Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring

Ben David Jewelers in Danville is the jeweler that is authorized by Le Vian to sell their rings, pendants, and earrings in the Danville area. If you are looking for a unique diamond color for your jewelry, stop by Ben David Jewelers and they’ll be happy to show you what they have in colored diamonds.

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