Diamond Color Chart Helps Determine Its Value

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A diamond color chart helps in grading a diamond’s color. With white diamonds you want the least amount of color possible. The more color that’s found in the diamond the less expensive it is.

Diamond Color Chart

When you’re shopping for a diamond for an engagement ring’s center stone or for other jewelry, you’ll learn about how diamonds are graded. Grading the cut, color, clarity and carat weight are all ways to judge a diamond’s value. The diamond color chart is used in one of those four to determine the gemstone’s value.

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There are several groups that a diamond’s color will fall into. This grading system excludes the fancy colored diamonds such as red, green, pink, brown, etc. The diamond color grading system is important for white (clear) diamonds. With the white diamond, you want a perfectly colorless diamond. Of course, those are extremely rare, but that is the highest standard. Your diamond will have a bit of color to it that is barely noticeable to your naked eye and that amount of color is one of the things that determine how much that gemstone is going to cost.

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“Paradiso 3002R” by Verragio

Here is a diamond color chart that shows all the details on how diamonds are judged and graded for their color. It is difficult to tell what the diamond color is using this chart, but it gives you an introduction to how the color is graded. The next time you stop into Ben David Jewelers, ask to be shown which diamonds rate the different grades, so that you can actually see the difference in real life.

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Ben David Jewelers

Ben David Jewelers is happy to sit down with you to show you all the different ways diamonds are graded. When you’re shopping for an engagement ring it is important to know this information so that you can pick out the right engagement ring for you. Some of those four criteria aren’t as important to you as the others. So you can decide where your money is best spent for the best possible diamond.

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