Diamond color is an important grading factor in these diamonds from Le Vian.

Diamond Color Drives Diamond Value

Diamond color is one of the factors in placing a value on a diamond. There are the 4 Cs of diamonds: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. But! What if the diamond is not clear, but an actual color like green, black, blue, red, yellow or pink?

Diamond Color

When a diamond has an actual color, it is called a “fancy color diamond.” This name includes the yellows and browns, but it is color far different than the yellowish tinge that devalues white (or clear) diamonds. These colors are a full range of yellows, blues, greens, reds and combinations in between.

Le Vian Jewelers designs with many fancy color diamonds.
Striped Hoops in Blue, Chocolate, Vanilla Diamonds by Le Vian

Grading a fancy color diamond takes an expert working in a laboratory setting to set the grade. There is a scale of grading that starts at Fancy Light and goes to Fancy Vivid. When the color grading gets into the fancy dark, fancy deep and fancy vivid, it is a very rare diamond. The deeper the natural color of the diamond the far more valuable it becomes.

Diamonds that develop near a radiation source turn out green. These diamonds are extremely rare. They are so rare, in fact, that they are always considered laboratory treated to make them green until proven otherwise.

A green diamond ring available from Ben David Jewelers
50 Shades of Green Diamond Ring

When grading fancy color diamonds, color is a strong factor in determining value. Clarity is also a factor, but the color grade seems to override the inclusions providing it is a stable diamond and not likely to break apart. Cut is important as it plays a large role in light reflecting out and intensifying the color. Carat, of course, is also very important as more is usually considered better, but all factors work in a balance to establish the value and grade of the fancy color diamond.

Ben David Jewelers Sells Colored Diamonds

Let Ben David Jewelers give you a quick lesson on diamond color when you stop in to browse. We sell both white diamonds and a wide variety of fancy color diamonds.