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The diamond is a very special gemstone that everyone enjoys. But, how much do you know about diamonds? What are cut, color and clarity that you hear so much about? Here is an easy guide that explains the finer points of diamond buying.


When a diamond is judged for its quality, the cut, color and clarity are evaluated to determine the gemstone’s value. This needs to be done by an expert, of course, but with enough practice you will be able to sort the poor from the very valuable in these gemstones.

Chocolate Diamonds Engagemet Ring
LeVian Chocolate Diamonds Engagement Ring


It is the skill of the diamond cutter than brings out the best brilliance and sparkle of a diamond. The cut will determine just how sparkly the diamond is going to be. A poor cut results in a dull diamond. People, of course, prefer a very sparkly, twinkling diamond.

Over time it has been determined that the ideal cut of diamond will be to reveal 58 different facets. This allows for the maximum amount of light to shine through. Although, this is going to change depending on what is determined to be the best shape of the stone. Every diamond has an ideal shape that it should be cut into to reveal its best qualities.


The diamond has a natural color. This color is also an important point in judging a diamond’s value. The diamond that is completely clear is considered the most valuable and those diamonds with color are considered to be less valuable in the marketplace.

Baby Blue Diamond Ring from LeVian

Diamond Color

  • Grade D-F: Completely Colorless
  • Grade G-J: Slightly colored, but they appear to be clear when mounted in a white gold or platinum setting.
  • Grade K-M: Yellow or “Chocolate” diamonds. They have a yellowish tinge all the way to a dark brown color.

A diamond’s color is judged by looking at it against a white background. It will be checked while right side up and also face down. It is also compared to diamonds that have been determined to be an exact Grade D, E, F, etc.

Diamond Clarity

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Clarity of a diamond is judge by determining how many flaws are on the surface and inside the diamond. Of course, a completely flawless diamond is very rare. One advantage of flaws is that it is like a finger print. You can prove a diamond is yours by the flaws that are in your diamond, in the event it is ever stolen.

Diamond Shopping

It is important when shopping for a diamond that you use an ethical fine jeweler. Look for a jeweler with an excellent reputation and that has been in business for many years. Ben David Jewelers is a family owned business that has been serving the Danville, VA, area since the 1950s. Their customers have been using the store for generations. Stop by soon to take a look at the diamonds offered by Ben David Jewelers. They will teach you what you should look for in a diamond.

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