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Diamond Cuts for Engagement Rings

Verragio uses many different diamond cuts in their engagement rings.
Engagement Rings by Verragio

Diamond cuts are important in the overall design of engagement rings. It is this C of the 4 Cs (Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat) that most women focus on when picking out their ring. Well, of course, they usually want a lot of carats also, but that is another matter! Here are some of the basic diamond cuts that you’ll see offered at Ben David Jewelers in Danville, VA.

Diamond Cuts

The purpose of diamond cuts is more than just an attractive shape. The cut of the diamond releases light. The better the cut and more facets there are then the better it is at reflecting light back to the eye. This is that fabulous sparkle that the diamond has. These are the most popular diamond cuts that you’ll see because of their brilliance in a ring setting.

Round Brilliant

Hearts on Fire designs 3 stone engagement rings with the Round Brilliant diamond cut.
Destiny 3 Stone Engagement Ring by Hearts on Fire

The Round Brilliant is the cut of diamond that you see often. Engagement rings will usually have one large round brilliant diamond in the center of the ring and then smaller round diamonds are set around it. The combination makes for a very sparkly diamond ring!

Princess Cut

Princess Cut diamond in the ring named Betsy.
Betsy by ArtCarved


A Princess Cut diamond is found in many styles. Its shape it square and it lends itself to many designs, especially the cushion style where it is surrounded with many round diamonds for extra brilliance. This is a very sparkly diamond and usually has a lot more surface area in the setting than the round diamond.

Oval Diamond

Oval diamond cuts are offered by Art Carved.
Valerie by ArtCarved

The Oval cut of diamond is also very brilliant, like the Round Brilliant. However, it has the advantage of being elongated, so this makes the diamond appear much larger even though it is the same carat weight as the Round Brilliant.

Where to Shop for Engagement Rings

Ben David Jewelers has the largest bridal section in a fine jewelry store in the great Danville, VA, area. The sales staff is very helpful and they all love to talk to newly engaged couples about their wedding plans and help them find exactly the right rings. They will explain all the different diamond cuts and show you examples that you can try on. Stop by anytime Monday through Saturday to browse.

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