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Diamond Cuts are More Than Just Style

Diamond cuts have more going on than just the diamond shape.

Everyone has their favorite diamond cuts. Some are round, some square, and there are a few other shapes as well. But, the purpose of the diamond cut goes well beyond just what shape the diamond turns out to be. Diamond cutting is a skilled craft and has a bigger purpose.

Diamond Cuts

There are about ten different diamond cuts:

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Marquise
  • Pear
  • Cushion
  • Emerald
  • Asscher
  • Radiant
  • Heart
Show off your engagement with an ArtCarved diamond ring.
“Brielle” by ArtCarved

Who is Doing the Diamond Cut?

Which of these cuts of diamonds are your favorites might be decided by who cut the diamond. Diamond cuts can be a signature of a diamond company. For instance, L’Amour has a modified emerald cut that they use. This reveals 50 facets of the diamond for a beautiful display of sparkle. Their cut is a far better use of the diamond than an emerald cut. It is about ½ the carat weight and actually looks larger.

Crisscut is a patented diamond cut.
Crisscut Diamond Ring designed by Christopher Designs

Hearts on Fire, on the other hand, specializes in a round cut. But their round cut reveals a ring of hearts inside the diamond. You can see these little hearts dance around inside the gemstone when you view it with a jeweler’s loupe. Of course, this is considered a very romantic diamond and is often used for diamond engagement rings.

When engaged, choose Hearts on Fire
Hearts on Fire Aerial Cluster Engagement Ring

More Than the Shape

Diamond cuts are sometimes in the emerald cut.
“Gwendolyn” Emerald Cut Engagement Ring by ArtCarved

Diamond cuts will determine what shape the diamond ends up when the cutter is finished, but different cuts have a different type of sparkle. Round brilliant diamonds are considered the most sparkly of diamonds, but it really depends on the skill of the diamond cutter and his or her trademarked styles of that cut. Many diamond companies are developing their own unique cut that is a modified version of the usual diamond cuts. Stop by Ben David Jewelers today to browse diamond rings and pendants to learn all about various diamond cuts and see them in person.

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