Diamond Rings for Sale in the Danville VA Area

Diamond rings for sale at Ben David Jewelers in Danville.
Verragio Engagement Rings

You can find diamond rings for sale at Ben David Jewelers that are brand new or pre-owned and antique estate jewelry. This jewelry store has the largest bridal section, plus they carry diamond rings for the right hand from famous jewelry designers. The best part is, they are in your neighborhood, serving the areas of Danville, South Boston, Martinsville and Eden.

Diamond Rings for Sale

White gold diamond ring from Verragio
Verragio’s Paradiso 3052R White Gold Diamond Ring

Ben David Jewelers carries a lot of diamond rings for sale. Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring, an estate ring or a right hand diamond ring, then this is the store you want to visit. They carry their own beautiful line of diamond engagement rings, but also carry the brands Hearts on Fire, Verragio, LeVian and other popular designer brands.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Proposal ideas and how to use the right engagement ring.
Insignia Solitaire Engagement Ring by Verragio

Verragio is one of the most popular designers of engagement diamond rings for sale and many of these beautiful rings are stocked at Ben David Jewelers. Verragio, like some of the other finer engagement ring designers, allow you to pick out the center diamond yourself. In this way, you can choose the quality, color and clarity of the diamond you are going to wear.

Verragio has five different diamond engagement ring collections to choose from:

Parisian Collection – This engagement ring collection features one very large diamond in the middle that is sometimes offset with large diamonds on either side, but all will have some diamonds continuing down the ring band.

Venetian Collection – These diamond rings for sale feature a large center stone also, but they have an inner ring band. Most of the ring bands in this collection are elaborately designed and don’t depend 100% on the large center diamond for their sparkle.

Couture Collection – Many of the engagement rings in this collection feature a cushion style where the center diamond is surrounded with smaller diamonds that are in a square shape. You can also get a combination of white gold and rose gold in this collection of diamond rings for sale.

Insignia Collection – This diamond engagement ring collection has some classic, simpler beauties in your choice of gold or platinum. Many of the center diamonds are square or cushion style settings.

Paradiso Collection – This collection features very chic and slim designs, many of them come with a matching diamond wedding band. This engagement ring collection is the diamond rings for sale that is the best of both engagement rings and wedding bands.

Finding the Right Ring

A beautiful ring for the bride, a diamond engagement ring.
The Parisian Diamond Engagement Ring from Verragio

When it comes to diamond rings for sale, Ben David Jewelers in Danville, VA, will have a very large selection for you to choose from. If you don’t find the ring you’re looking for in the jewelry cases, their Master Jeweler will make it for you!

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