Diamond Shapes That Can Be Set In Rings

By: Kelly York

The Dream diamonds by Hearts on Fire are Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings. Dream Euphoria Pave Diamond Engagement Ring There are a lot of different diamond shapes and everyone has their favorite. Some of the shapes are more difficult to cut than others, affecting the price. Which is your favorite?

Diamond Shapes

There are nine different diamond shapes that are fairly common. You will see these over and over again set in engagement rings and other jewelry. You probably already own the round brilliant diamond, but have you ever seen the radiant diamond shape?


Well over 70% of the diamonds sold are the Brilliant Round cut of diamond. These gems are cut to reveal the maximum amount of brilliance and have 58 facets. A diamond bracelet is the perfect gift for a 30th wedding anniversary. Aerial Diamond Line Bracelet by Hearts on Fire


The Oval diamond shape is very popular for ladies who love that long shape in a setting to build around. If you are looking for a main diamond that is large, this shape will give you the illusion of a very large round diamond once you have smaller side diamonds added to the setting.

Marquise Diamond

The Marquise is a slimmer version of the Oval, but with pointed ends instead of round. It resembles the shape of the eye and looks fabulous when surrounded by other smaller gemstones.


The Pear diamond shape is pointed on top and full and round on the bottom. These diamonds are not usually in the center of attention, but are used to help beautify the central gemstone.


The Heart diamond is not seen every day! It is basically an upside down pear shape with a bit removed from the middle leaving a romantic heart shape. Propose with a unique diamond engagement rings from LeVian Jewelers. Heart Shaped Diamond Ring From LeVian


The Emerald cut is common with emeralds, but diamonds get this treatment as well. It takes a diamond with few flaws to be able to successfully become an emerald diamond. A True Romance ring can become a cubic zirconia ring. True Romance Engagement Ring with an Emerald Cut Diamond


The Princess diamond shape is square and is many times surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. Only larger stones look great as a Princess cut, because it needs a lot of depth to bring out its sparkle. Princess Cut Engagement Rings by Verragio. Verragio's Insignia 7005 with Princess Diamond Shape


The Trillion is the triangle cut of diamond. These are usually used in the design and not as the main gemstone in a setting. It comes in a variety of facets and diamond shapes, some with pointed corners and some with rounded corners.


This is a special type of Emerald cut diamond that is cut in such a way to make it very brilliant, much like the Round diamond. It is a rectangle or square shape.

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