Diamonds Do More Than Just Sparkle

A Raw Diamond

Diamonds Hold Secrets

Don’t get us wrong, diamonds are beautiful but there’s more to them than that meets the eye.

Recently, a diamond was found that revealed that the earth’s center holds water and not just a little water but an ocean’s worth of water. The diamond contained a tiny piece of olivine mineral called ring woodite that only forms under extreme pressure.

You may be wondering how diamonds went from being from the center of the earth to the surface.  Well, the scientists believe that diamonds were encased in a volcanic rock that was ejected to the Earth’s surface 90 million years ago. See the diagram below for a more in-depth look. Erosion finally exposed the stone and started scientists on a discovery that would confirm their suspicions.

Who knew diamonds could tell us so much about the Earth!

How a diamonds get to the surface of the earth.
Where Diamonds are in the Earth
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