Dog Proposal Ideas In Eden Martinsville And Danville

By: Kelly York

Secret Weapons Dog proposal ideas to help you get started with your proposal. You love her madly and want her to agree to spend the rest of her life with you. So, you’re going to have to come up with a great idea that she will smile remembering for the rest of your happy life together. Involving her dog or your dog that she adores, is even better.

Dog Proposal Ideas

Of course, you can scrawl “Marry Me?” on the black of a plain dog shirt that you pick up at Walmart. So much the better if you have the ring tied around his neck or tied around another dog’s neck. Take your best girl for a walk in the park and have someone bring the dogs up to her. The guy in this video used a big sort of a distraction, so much of a distraction that his soon to be fiancée never even questioned why he had a camera taped to his head! He gave her a new puppy and delivered it to her at work. Well, that made her cry with happiness! So, she’s already crying her eyes out in shock and all puppied up then he used the dog as a reason to propose marriage. It was great. Of course, he was smart enough to realize he needed a buddy to film also. So, they did a split screen video of the proposal. Or, you could just have the dog do it all pretty much. He ties the ring box around the dog’s neck and gives the dog strict instruction to, “Don’t eat the box!” He told his girlfriend to call the dog upstairs, so she did. Too cute and of course, she cried. Here is the importance of having a buddy with a camera. The dog ran right over to this camera when the proposal started and that was the end of the recording session. So, have somebody tag along to keep the camera away from the dog!

Marriage Proposal Ideas

There are as many dog proposal ideas as there are people. Hopefully, you’ll come up with a great plan that will work really well and give you a recording that you will enjoy for your lifetime. If you need some more ideas, stop by Ben David Jewelers in Danville. The sales staff loves to help guys comes up with brilliant marriage proposal ideas! Ben David Jewelers serves the communities of Danville, Eden, South Boston and Martinsville.