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Your Engagement Needs an Incredible Engagement Ring

LeVian gives you many nontraditional options with colored diamonds to celebrate your engagement.

An engagement needs a very special ring. You will want to stick out your left hand that has that big diamond ring to let everyone know you’re now engaged. And everyone will squeal with delight. Ben David Jewelers has just the diamond engagement rings for this special occasion.


LeVian set includes engagement ring and wedding band.
Levian Engagement Ring Set

Of course, you want this to be your one and only engagement, so you’ll need a ring that is just perfect for you. Ben David Jewelers showcases many of the top designers of diamond rings for engagements. You can choose from Hearts on Fire, Verragio, Malo, LeVian, ArtCarved and other famous designer brands. Of course, Ben David Jewelers also has their own brand of engagement rings.

How Much to Spend

Show off your engagement with an ArtCarved diamond ring.
“Brielle” by ArtCarved

Traditionally, it was said that a man should spend 3 month’s salary on his fiancée’s engagement ring. But, today, it is more of a decision that you will make together as a couple. A ring to symbolize your engagement can be quite an investment and it is part of your wedding budget. With some discussion, you can decide how much to spend on your engagement between the ring, the party to announce it and other wedding expenses that come later.

The Best Type of Ring

Ben David Jewelers carries the LeVian diamond ring brand.
Engagement Ring by LeVian Jewelers

The gemstones, the precious metal that it is made from and the overall size and design are all up to you. It is your engagement ring and you get to have this ring any way that you like. You get to choose the design, and even which gemstones to put into your ring. If you love rubies, you can make your engagement ring feature a great, big ruby. There are no rules. The friendly staff at Ben David Jewelers is happy to take the time with you and help you browse all of your options to commemorate your engagement with a ring.

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