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Which Hand is the Engagement Ring Hand

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The engagement ring hand is determined by customs and tradition. Every culture has their own way of wearing an engagement ring, if they use them at all.

Engagement Ring Hand

In the United States, most women will wear their engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is why we call it the “ring finger.” This is where the man proposing will put the ring when the woman says yes to his marriage proposal. It is there that it will stay, forever. Some women have a tradition to never take it off. They will add the wedding ring to it, but consider it back luck to remove the engagement ring or wedding band.

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The engagement ring hand has been the left hand for at least a hundred years, but before that women wore them according to their local customs. Only some of those cultures had the engagement ring hand as the left. Rarely were the rings worn on what we now know as the ring finger.

Engagement Ring at the Wedding

The wedding band is put on before the engagement ring, so that that wedding band is closest to your heart. This presents an obvious problem during the wedding ceremony. If the bride is wearing her engagement ring then it is in the way, leaving her to fumble around during the ceremony.

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The solution is to put the engagement ring on the right hand just before the ceremony. This has her left hand free to accept the wedding band. After the wedding she can move the engagement ring to the ring finger or retire the engagement ring altogether. Not all women wear their engagement rings after the wedding on a daily basis. They put it on for special occasions and wear just the wedding band for every day wear.

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Ben David Jewelers is here to help you with any of your wedding or engagement questions. We love to help our customers plan their perfect wedding by sharing information and customs for weddings. We would love to help you find the perfect ring for your engagement ring hand, whether you choose to use the left or the right. Congratulations on your engagement and we hope that you have many happy decades together.

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