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Engagement Ring Lost at Holidazzle Parade Bounces Into Good Samaritan’s Shopping Bag; Search Is On for Rightful Owner

Ryan Richards and his family were enjoying the colorful floats of Minneapolis’ Holidazzle parade this past Thursday evening when they were distracted by a nearby couple desperately searching the pavement in the darkness for the engagement ring that had just slipped from the woman’s finger.


“All of a sudden we see them running around looking for something,” Richards told a reporter from the local NBC affiliate, KARE.

According to Richards, the woman’s ring flew off her finger as she removed her glove. She heard the “ting” of it hitting the ground, but couldn’t find the precious keepsake, despite the assistance provided by Richards and other Holidazzle enthusiasts who helped with the search and provided light from their cell phones.


The engagement ring had strangely vanished. Or did it?

When Richards and his family returned home, they were unpacking a big bag of children’s clothing when the missing ring emerged with a pair of new snow pants. Richards surmised that when the engagement ring hit the pavement, it bounced about five feet into his clothing bag.


The Richards now have the ring, but they’ve yet to find the rightful owners. The story of the good samaritans and the crazy, bouncing engagement ring has gotten nice exposure in the Minneapolis media, and Richards even contacted the local police department and posted an ad on Craigslist. So far, the woman who lost the ring has yet to come forward.

For obvious reasons, Richard chose not to post a photo of the ring. He said that the engagement ring has a number of very distinctive characteristics, so the rightful owner will have little trouble confirming it’s hers.

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