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Engagement Ring Saved From Mucky Demise by Quick-Thinking Bride

To what lengths will a young bride go to save her cherished engagement ring from the worst-possible fate – a mucky demise in her city’s sewer system? In the case of the Sarah Parks of Granite City, IL, the newlywed’s quick thinking along with the high-tech assistance of a Roto-Rooter technician combined to save the day, according to KSDK.com.

Late last week, Parks accidentally flushed her engagement ring down the toilet at her Granite City apartment complex, which is located on the east bank of the Mississippi River, just across the border from St. Louis, MO.

Acting quickly, the newlywed contacted Roto-Rooter and a technician was rushed to the scene. Using a fiber optic sewer inspection camera to snake through the pipes of her apartment building, the technician finally spotted the elusive ring 40 feet into the underground sewer pipe, well on its way to the city’s main sewer system.

The technician captured the ring using a wire hook attached to the camera end. Needless to say, Parks and her husband were ecstatic with the outcome. We’re amazed that fiber optic technology is available so readily in today’s high-tech world. Clearly, there’s no reason to ever give up hope when a cherished piece of jewelry accidentally goes down the drain.

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