Engagement Ring without Diamond

Engagement Ring Without Diamond

By: Kelly York

Engagement Ring Without Diamond Diamonds are Added After Purchase in Many Engagement Rings The finest engagement ring is without the diamond. Well, it has diamonds, but the center diamond is usually missing from the center setting. The reason is because the engaged couple will pick out the quality and size of the diamond that they want.

Engagement Ring without Diamond

Verragio Engagement rings From the Couture Collection of Verragio When you’re shopping for a ring to mark the occasion of your engagement, you want to find an engagement ring without a diamond. A ring like this is a big investment and you want to make sure the largest diamond in the setting is one that reflects your tastes and idea of the best diamond.

The 4 Cs of Diamonds

The diamond’s value is based on 4 different words that begin with the letter C.
  • Cut – The type and quality of the diamond’s cut and ability to reflect light.
  • Color – Diamond color is graded and the ones without any color are graded the highest.
  • Clarity – Clarity is a judgement of the internal and external characteristics of the diamond.
  • Carat – The weight of a diamond is stated in carats, not grams or ounces.
ArtCarved has many beautiful engagement ring to celebrate your marriage. "Anja" Designed by ArtCarved For some couples, the carat weight of the diamond is the most important feature and they will put more money toward the diamond carats. Others will want the best sparkle with the finest cut. Some will find the colorless and flawless diamond the only one for them. These things are all a personal matter. By getting an engagement ring without a diamond, you can pick out that center gemstone and choose the one you feel is the best diamond.

Ben David Jewelers

Hearts on Fire designs an engagement ring with halo Engagement Ring with Halo designed by Hearts on Fire Ben David Jewelers has one of the largest bridal sections in the greater Danville, VA, area. We carry all the most popular designer brands of engagement rings and wedding bands. Many of these designer brands offer an engagement ring without diamond choice for you to browse.