Diamonds can be exchanged in engagement rings.

Engagement Rings with Spectacular Sparkle

Engagement rings that are loaded with white diamonds give an incredible display of sparkle. These rings will differ depending upon brand and the 4 Cs of the diamond. Here are some things to look for.

Engagement Rings

The bride-to-be will usually want an engagement ring that sparkles well and throws light everywhere in the room. The key to getting that effect is to choose wisely and pay attention to the 4 Cs of diamonds. Those are the Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color. If you do well with all four of those categories of diamond grading then you are sure to have a fantastic diamond ring.

Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring by ArtCarved Bridal
Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring by ArtCarved Bridal

Of course, if you score the best in all 4 Cs, it will likely price you out of the market. So, you need to pick and choose which Cs are most important to you.

  • The Cut is extremely important in allowing the diamond to reflect light out of the gemstone which creates that beautiful sparkle.
  • Carats are not as important. You do want a high enough weight of diamond to be seen, of course, but having a diamond weighing many carats is overkill, so that is a good place to save money.
  • Clarity is somewhat important. There are internal characteristics of diamonds that can impede the reflection of light, so you don’t want any big imperfections, but a very small inclusion or two might be just fine.
  • Color is easy to downgrade to save a little money as some of the yellowish tint isn’t that noticeable by the naked eye.
This HOF diamond reflects the price of diamonds in it's clarity.
Hearts on Fire Destiny Twist Solitaire Engagement ring

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