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Epic ‘Skywalk’ Marriage Proposal Includes Fake TV Crew and Cameos by 150 Friends and Relatives

Traversing a labyrinth of skywalks in downtown Grand Rapids, Mich., Mark VanDyke delivered an epic marriage proposal to girlfriend Kelly VanSickle — with the help of a fake TV camera crew and cameo appearances by 150 of their closest friends and relatives, reported MLive.com.


In a proposal that rivals some of the most elaborate ones we’ve ever seen, VanDyke takes VanSickle on a walk through downtown Grand Rapids where they casually “bump into” many of their acquaintances. Following them is a camera crew that is supposedly shooting a spot for a local hockey team. The crew convinced the couple to take part in the “production” for $50.


Their journey takes the couple to the exact spot where VanSickle first agreed to date VanDyke after a four-year friendship. Right there under the glow of a spotlight, VanDyke tells VanSickle that he’s known her for 1,804 days and that every one has been better than the last. He gets down on one knee, presents her with an engagement ring and asks for her hand in marriage.

Kelly says, “Yes,” the couple embraces… but there’s more to come.


The couple continues to a second-floor overlook. At the street level, there are scores of friends cheering with lit sparklers. A few minutes later, they are entertained by a cheerleading squad that VanSickle coaches.

The proud boyfriend then leads his new fiancé to a restaurant, where all the skywalk cameo performers are waiting to greet the couple and start the celebration.

VanSickle told the Huffington Post that she suspected something fishy was going on. “We ran into our first group of people, and then the second, and then I was like, ‘Oh, man, here we go.'”

How did VanDyke pull this off? Well, he did have a bit of help from Grand Rapids-based Bradley Productions, the creative team behind the Brad and Emily lip-dub proposal that went viral this past October.

Will the Skywalk Proposal go viral? Only time will tell. Here’s your chance to see it below.

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