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Ethical Engagement Rings

Ben David Jewelers sells ethical engagement rings.
“Joanna” Designed by ArtCarved and Sold by Ben David Jewelers

Ethical engagement rings are rings that contain only ethical, or conflict-free diamonds in them. The United States is the largest consumer of diamonds and there are certain government regulations in place to prevent blood diamonds, also called conflict diamonds, from entering the marketplace. But, how do you know your jewelry has only ethical diamonds in their rings?

Ethical Engagement Rings

Conflict diamonds, the diamonds that participate in slavery, murder and controlling governments in order to control the diamond mines in their countries, are a lot cheaper to mine than ethical gemstones. When you pay next to nothing for slaves to dig them up from the ground, it reduces mining costs. There is a lot more to blood diamonds, of course. It isn’t just one crime against humanity that is being committed, it is many. If you want to learn more about what blood diamonds are, where they come from and what crimes are being committed, please watch this documentary.

What Can You Do

So, what can you do to help put a stop to these human abuses? You can make sure you purchase only an ethical engagement ring. This isn’t as difficult as it might sound.

ArtCarved has many beautiful engagement ring choices
“Marin” Designed by ArtCarved

In 2003, the USA enacted the Clean Diamond Trade Act. This act makes it illegal for anyone to bring blood diamonds, or conflict diamonds, into the United States. You would think this would put a complete stop to these diamonds entering our marketplace, but it doesn’t. Every year more diamond smugglers are caught bringing these diamonds into the United States. Blood diamonds are cheaper and in the jewelry industry unethical jewelers are always going to want to make more money at any cost.

This chocolate diamond engagement ring has a center blue diamond.
A Center Blue Diamond in This Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring

It is very important that you know your jeweler. It isn’t necessary to purchase from a jeweler that is making a big deal out of selling ethical jewelry. All jewelry on the market is supposed to be ethical. To make it sound like they are doing something special that no other jeweler is doing is likely a price gouging technique. All jewelers that are ethical are following the law and purchasing only ethical diamonds.

What to Look For in a Jeweler

Unique rings are designed by Hearts on Fire.
Stack of Hearts on Fire Unique Diamond Rings

An ethical jeweler is fairly obvious. They have standard and fair pricing on their engagement rings and other jewelry. They have an excellent reputation in the city where they have operated for years. People in the community know and trust them. They usually have certifications in one or more of the industry agencies to prove their knowledge and skill with jewelry. Ben David Jewelers is a fine jeweler that has been serving the families of the Danville, Virginia, and surrounding areas since the 1950s. If you are looking for an ethical engagement ring, then they will be happy to show you their selections of their beautiful engagement rings.

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