Vintage engagement rings style by ArtCarved Bridal.

How to Find Vintage Engagement Rings and Antique Jewelry

Vintage engagement rings offer detailed craftsmanship and unique designs that you don’t see anywhere else. Today most rings are mass produced, leaving the choices slim for the bride that wants something special. But, where do you find antique jewelry like that?

Vintage Engagement Rings

There are several places to look to find those expertly hand-crafted, vintage engagement rings. They might be right under your nose and you never realized it. Here are some places where you can find them.

Flea Markets

A good flea market will attract antique sellers and they usually carry a bit of jewelry as well as the Arts and Crafts dressers and sofas. You might find a platinum engagement ring and wedding band set from the early 1900s in their locked case.

ArtCarved Bridal creates many engagement ring designs.
Joslyn Diamond Engagement Ring by ArtCarved

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops are another good place to browse. These shops are mostly clothing that is being sold for their owners, but from time to time you can find beautiful jewelry pieces there.


Craigslist is no longer the preferred place to shop for anything valuable. In most cities there are far too many criminals posting sales on Craigslist. When you show up to buy with all that cash in your pocket you are at risk of being mugged. The new way is to buy via Facebook “for sale” groups in your area, which are far less anonymous.

Diamond cuts are sometimes in the emerald cut.
“Gwendolyn” Emerald Cut Engagement Ring by ArtCarved

The Best Place to Find Antique Jewelry

The places above will have vintage jewelry for sale, however, you have no idea if it is a real diamond or even valuable. So, the very best place to find vintage engagement rings is at a fine jeweler like Ben David Jewelers. They have a consignment case and they usually have antique jewelry for sale. It is here where you have an actual jeweler appraising the vintage items. You can be sure that you’re getting what the seller says you are getting.