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Flash Mob Elf, With Assist From Santa, Proposes to Surprised Dancer During Mall Performance

When Natessa Renee Bybee agreed to participate in a flash mob performance at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City last Saturday she hadn’t a clue that an elf named Johnny Murdock was about to give her the surprise of her life.


Both Bybee and Murdock had lead roles in the flash mob that delighted holiday shoppers and included a guest appearance by Santa Claus. As the mob is about 2 minutes and 15 seconds through its choreographed interpretation of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” Murdock, dressed in full elf regalia, bounds down the expansive mall stairway and joins Bybee on the lower level.


Without missing a beat, Murdock gets down on one knee and proposes to Bybee with an engagement ring as a jubilant Santa and 40 dance team members share their special moment. Bybee says, “Yes.” Murdock hugs her and lifts her off the ground in a romantic spin. And then the couple quickly regroups to finish the number with the rest of their team.

Murdock told The Huffington Post that he was trying to think of a unique way to propose to Bybee when he remembered the flash mob he and his video production company were organizing. “It hit me that this would be the most epic way to propose,” Murdock said.


“Her reaction was priceless,” Murdock told The Huffington Post. “She had absolutely zero idea. Then she said it was hard for her to stay in step for the rest of the dance.”

Enjoy the romantic holiday flash mob proposal below, and be sure to pay special attention to Bybee’s priceless reaction at 2:26.

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