Getting Married? Find Your Focus.

It’s the typical fairy tale:  Guy meets girl.  Guy and girl date.  Girl drops hints about her dream engagement ring.  Guy immediately thinks of Ben David as the perfect place to find her ideal ring at an amazing price.  He proposes.  She says yes and is eternally grateful to the staff at Ben David for helping her guy find a ring that exceeds her expectations.  NOW WHAT???

Here are some great tips from the most recent Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine on how to use the “four elements” to plan the big day.  What are the four elements, you might ask?  According to Martha, they are color, location, season, and tradition.  When planning a wedding, a great way to design that perfect day is to lead with one of these elements and then incorporate the rest. 


COLOR:  Find inspiration in your day to day life.  Look at your engagement ring.  Do you have a unique gem like Kate Middleton’s sapphire and diamond sparkler?  Look at your closet or around your home. What are some themes or favorites that stand out?  Noticing an overwhelming trend toward blue?  Create a calm and elegant experience for your guests by using shades of blue as your primary color scheme at the wedding.  Once you’ve found your main color, start to add in one or two other shades that complement your original color and show off your personality. 

LOCATION:  Stumped as to where to have your wedding but want location to be your leading decision for the big day?  Think back to some of your favorite events as a couple.  Great first date?  The park where you first met?  See if that exact location is available.  If not, try to blend in elements of what makes that place so special.  Have you taken a favorite trip?  Think destination wedding or try to find a location that takes you back to that vacation.  Love checking out ancient ruins?  Try a museum as a wedding venue.  You can also find clues around your home.  If you tend to decorate in modern, sleek lines, consider a loft space, renovated warehouse building, or art gallery.  Similarly, if you use lots of antiques and traditional design, maybe an old mansion, italian-style villa or theater will provide that whimsical, romantic environment you crave. 

SEASON:  When planning your wedding around a favorite season, couples often find that the rest of the theme falls quickly into place.  Love spring?  Fill your wedding with florals, butterflies, fresh strawberries – anything that says “spring” to you.  Wish it was fall all year round?  Look to warm colors, leaves, fires, and fun fall items like pumpkins and s’mores to make your day special.  One point to consider when planning based on the season:  Consider your comfort and that of your guests.  If you want a silver and white winter wedding, keep in mind that you may have the risk of delays or cancelled travel plans if a blizzard shows up.  Or, if you are dreaming of a summer wedding but live somewhere with 100-degree days, consider the timing of your wedding and have it at dusk, when temperatures begin to cool.  No one wants to have to worry about melting during the ceremony and pictures! 

FAMILY TRADITIONS:  Have you poured over love letters your parents wrote during their courtship?  Incorporate those words into your vows.  Are you a family of card players or board games?  Set out decks of cards at the reception tables or consider naming your tables according to favorite games when developing your seating chart.  Is there a china pattern that’s been in your family for years?  Start with the colors or try to match invitations to the pattern.  Have a family member kick off the reception with the prayers you said at dinner or a favorite family story – anything that will blend your past with your future.  A great tip:  interview your parents or grandparents to find out special elements of their wedding.  Find out a flower they used, favorite color, or type of cake and use for your day.  While honoring your family traditions, don’t be afraid to set your own path and start traditions of your own.  Maybe someday you’ll be the inspiration for future generations.

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